Monday, September 17, 2018

Origin Expedition


It's been a long time coming... three years is a long time to publish a book. But I'm glad I waited. (I waited for one reason or another) This sci-fi epic is a character driven drama that I know readers will enjoy. So now I present: Origin Expedition...

Nearly three-hundred years from now, at the decline of the human race, Earth is depleted of its natural resources. Its inhabitants have moved off the planet and into orbit aboard giant space platforms. People over time, have been separated into four classes, the high-born, low-born,
slaves and breeders. The lower classes subjugated into nothing more than servants for the wealthy while the breeders, considered cattle, are used in a centuries old breeding program shrouded in secrecy. Earth has become a cesspool for slave labor and every day is a fight for survival.
The handfuls of remaining humans on Earth are unconcerned with the petty bickering and leisurely lifestyle of their high-born masters. Those who escaped the classification and hide from the security forces have banded into clans. The Highlanders in Scotland and the Tribes in the
North American wasteland are seeking a way to survive while fighting the harsh elements of a dying planet.
The high-born, consisting of nine prominent families are driven by the acquisition of wealth. In each family’s effort to gain more, they have sent exploration ships into deep space, with teams of archeologists chartered to uncover the resources of long forgotten alien races. The wealthiest of
the Nine, is the family Tannador. The Tannador’s obsession to lead the other families in wealth, has led them to an obscure region of space, to planet Kepler 369. There, the exploration team discovers and reactivates a powerful ancient computer named Origin, unlocking a depository of
information predating the creation of the universe.
The archeologists, led by Professor Charles Long and the Lady Da’Mira Tannador, learn that some histories are best left undiscovered. In their attempt to unlock Origin’s secrets, they discover a horror so devastating, it could bring an end to every sentient being in the galaxy.
The Origin Expedition is a story of lies, love and lasting consequences. It is an adventure tale of those yearning to be free. A chronicle of the past, present and foreseeable future that rests in the hands of those determined to save humanity from itself, and the galaxy’s greatest enemy

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