Monday, November 19, 2018

Captain Hawklin & the Shadow Men Release Date

Hey, I have some great news. The date has been set for the sixth book in my Captain Hawklin Adventure series. “The Shadow Men” will be released on February 6th 2019 (which happens to be my birthday) Here is the back cover blurb and the cover by Damian Aviles.

July 1937
When Captain Steven Hawklin is attacked by a warplane over Southern California he is thrown into the secrecy and intrigue of the Shadow Men, an ultra-classified branch of the British government bent on keeping the Empire safe at all costs. It seems one of their agents has gone rogue and is out to kill Captain Hawklin.

Meanwhile at the behest of Professor Lucas Gray, Oscar “Oz” Lyman arrives in the mountains of Montana, to investigate the mysterious appearance of an Indian God who has invoked a local Blackfoot Tribe into committing acts of violence, preventing the construction of a new ski resort. Suspicious, Oz leads an expedition into the mountains to find the real reason behind the strange phenomenon.

Approached by agents of the Shadow Men, Steven learns the motive of the person out to kill him, understanding the past is never forgotten, he agrees to help track down the wayward agent, in a race against time to prevent the death of his trusted friend, Hardy Miller, who becomes entangled in the villainous plan. Traveling to Germany, Steven is given one chance to rescue his friend in a do-or-die aerial battle that will prove once and for all, the true master of the air.

Captain Hawklin and the Shadow Men, is a throwback of a bygone age of pulp adventure stories. Filled with spies and mythological gods. Nazis, cliffhangers and action in the tradition of Doc Savage and Commander Cody.


  1. This is great news, Charles! From the synopsis, this is going to be one exciting read!

    1. Thanks Marlin. I'm very excited, even more so since my beta readers are saying really good things about it.