Monday, January 6, 2020

Guest Blogger: Introducing Stormgate Press's Newest Author, Kellie Austin

This has been a long time coming. After many years of building my brand, I'm excited to announce the first new author to enter the pages of Stormgate Press. I've known Kellie for nearly thirty years, she is a fantastic pulp writer, and I know those who enjoy well thought out characters and adventures in the New Pulp line will dig what she has to offer.

Kellie's first book is "The Rembrandt Stratagem: From the Paranormal Cases of Bishop Kincaid" It's a strong character driven, story set in a world not our own, where the supernatural runs amok and only Bishop stands in their way. There will be more on that in the weeks to come, but first I'd like for you to meet Kellie – so without further ado, take it away Kellie.

Hello, my name is Kellie Lynn Austin. I was born in Detroit, Michigan, but have been living the good life in Kentucky, for over Forty years.
I'm a fifty-year-old woman with a degree in criminal justice, including studies in, film, television writing elective courses. Other studies include some psychology and basics at Morehead State university. Like most, I went to study nursing, but as fate cries out, I had to leave that program and move on. Hence, it all came back to what I loved the most. And never thought that my passion for writing would ever come to fruition, but for many of us, our life passions don't hit us early in life.
I was first introduced to writing in my seventh year of school. with a dreaded assignment of writing a one-page story about my family life. I ended turning in an eleven-page story about a nine-year-old space cadet named Astro Andy and his trusted sidekick dog Rover Ray.
My family study quickly turned into a subtle nightmare as the teacher later called my mom concerned that I had something wrong with me. My neglect in discussing my mundane family life turned into an exercise in what I call "Nervous Nelle". As I sat there in the chair bored to death, my mother had to assure the school that I was normal and just had an overactive imagination.
 So – I thought? What's wrong about dreaming to fly in a rocket ship, eat cake with Martians, or race around the moon. My writing bug actually began a little earlier with the invention of PBS. The trusty old black and white TV. My eyes would squint at the little screen each weekend as I first became enthralled by the old Republic Movie serials being shown again on that local station. There they were, zombies from other planets, rocket men fighting moon monsters, champions of truth, masked marvels, and evil empires seeking robots from Atlantis to unsuspecting land dwellers.... well, you get the idea. My life was heavily influenced, being mostly my love of anything golden age.
Comic books, 1950 alien invasion movies and I couldn’t get enough of. Those republic serials. Fifteen minutes of mayhem and murder, conspiracy and greed. Boy, it was all there. Those feelings of adventure spilled out not only in my real life, but also in the worlds I have built up in my imagination ever since. My comic book stories and characters, science fiction and even horror, have their roots in those early smash'em up good-vs-evil stories. For anyone who has ever picked up an old pulp magazine. The touch of the cover, the smell of the pages, and the intense, old fashioned storytelling...... it’s a feeling one can't make up of imagination until it happens.
Those named Doc, those who cloud men's minds, or white-haired avengers wearing grey attire. It's magical, and it's entertaining. The morality has embedded itself into my heart and I am now sending my adventures to those people who enjoy sitting down in their favorite chair, covered up with a blanket and a glass of milk. All of what made me and the works that I do... are not just for my personal joy, those stories are for you.
My mind's imagination is coming to those people who crave the excitement, the heart wrenching minute by minute, mouthwatering pages that will make your weekend reading one youll never forget. Boy, I love writing, and now that I’m at Stormgate Press, you will soon get a pleasant taste in your mouth and I hope you will want to come back for more.......stay tuned, your about to get hit in the face reliving yesteryear by the seat of your pants, and I’m proud to bring it to you.
Stay super awesome, stay connected, this girl's outta here


  1. Sounds awesome Kellie, I can't wait to get my hands and eyes on your first book. It should take me back to my childhood, and thrill my mind. Good luck on your new journey.

  2. Sounds like a great read, Kellie! Looking forward to this book!

    And Charles, publishing other people? Maybe I'll try that too. ;)