Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Last Day.

Goodbye 2019. You were a grand year for me. Oh sure besides my writing and publishing endeavors, there has been some personal setbacks, but nothing that can't be recovered from. As an author/publisher, I believe you have to learn to keep your personal life separate from that of writer.

How you present yourself on social media is the key. On my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I try not to be political, or be too verbal on my views. Oh sure I believe a certain way but the last thing I want to do is try and persuade someone to think the way I do, and in turn I don't want then to inflict their ideas on me. I'm an older guy, my mind is set, and doubt anyone can change it. A good writer friend of mine has often says
, we are showmen, and we need to be actors to our fans, and readers. Which is partially true.

To know about me, is to read what I write. I pour a lot of me in my stories and that's the best way to know who Charles F. Millhouse is. As we go into the new year it's time for me to refocus and present myself in a way that people will be intrigued enough to pick up my work and discover who I am.

Come on 2020, bring it on. 

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