Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Writer's Community... or How I got off track.

Hello everyone, as I write this blog post I have Brian K Morris’ Facebook show blaring on my phone. It’s a great resource for writers, artists and creators of all kinds. He has his fingers on the pulse of the indie industry, like upcoming shows, ideas for promotions, and who to contact in indie publishing. If you don’t know Brian, check him out on Facebook. And, even if Brian doesn’t know, maybe someone commenting during the show will.

That’s how the indie community is, helpful, resourceful and there to prop you up when you feel alone. Most every writer feels like that a lot of the time, I know I do. Even though I have the love and support of my wife, she really doesn’t know how nerve wracking it can be when you sit there at the computer trying to pour your soul out on the screen in front of you. Writers write all the time, fulltime and part time writers alike. I work a forty hour a week job, but that doesn’t stop me from creating all the time. Wishing I was home writing. Its frustrating, but the indie community lifts me up, and it eases the pain between writing times.

Writing is more of a commitment then most non-writers know. But it’s a love for the written word that keeps me going. And I love to tell the kind of stories I want to read. Either it be pulp, space adventure, or supernatural. When I started this incredible journey of writing in 1999, I had no idea I would get this far. It’s the readers, and fellow writers who have fueled my drive and to be honest I have run a little off the track as of late, but I’m narrowing my resolve and refocusing for the future. I have ideas, and plans that I have let fall to the wayside - but I intend to focus, focus, focus until I reach my goals. (more on that later). 

It's a journey I'm nowhere near ending, and I hope you'll come along with me, I sure would like to have you. So, I hope if you’ve taken time to read this blog post, you’ll leave a comment below, and tell me how you came to be here, and while you’re here please take time to look around my site, check out my books, you might find something here you’ll like.

I plan on making this blog weekly, which has always been my intent, but this time I'm going to make sure it gets done. So untill next week... Thank you.

Charles F. Millhouse is the author of nineteen books in the New Pulp, Science Fiction and Supernatural genres, including the Captain Hawklin Pulp Series, The Origin Trilogy, The Serena Darkwood Adventures, and many others.

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