Thursday, April 4, 2019

Influences: What inspired me to write Absolution: A Novel in the Serena Darkwood Adventures

Every writer has something that influences them when they start a new project. Absolution is no exception. I’ve always had great love for heroes, who don’t want to be the hero. The protagonist that is out for themselves yet when the chips are down they do the right thing. Serena Darkwood is no exception.

In a lot of ways, Serena is Han Solo, a smuggler, and scoundrel. But if there is anyone that Serena Darkwood reflects the most, it’s Malcom Reynolds of “Firefly”. That series is a huge influence on Absolution. Like Mal, Serena wants to be free, with space under her feet and coin in her pocket.

If you enjoy a fast paced sci-fi story, with intrigue and a dash of humor, then Absolution is the novel you’ve been waiting for. I enjoyed putting Serena through her paces playing with her emotions and building her character into something I believe you’ll want to read.

Pre-order your ebook copy of Absolution: A Novel in the Serena Darkwood Adventures for $3.99. The paperback version will be available on release day June, 18.

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