Monday, February 4, 2019

A Bookstore for Independent Writers

It’s located inside the Monroe Mercantile which is a large antique shop. Even though they rent a small space, they treat their small area like a big box book store, with special events catering to the world of independent writers and publishers. Currently they have over thirty writers they cater to. Their system is simple. The writer pays a one-year fee, buying shelf space, plus a small additional few for every other title. When a copy of your book sells, you get 80% of the sell.

If you’re like me, an independent author, you know how hard it can be to get your books on the shelf in a book store. Oh, sure you can find a local place or two to put them on the shelf on consignment and if you’re lucky you can get a book signing or something to help promote your book. But not all authors have that luxury. Some have to be content selling their books on line or sitting up at shows.
But what if I told you about this place in Monroe, Georgia called The Southern Pen Bookshop. It’s not a bookstore in the traditional sense, but it caters to ALL INDEPENDENTLY written books. Would you be interested?

For one year, your book(s) are on the shelf for all to see. It’s the same process that the major publishing houses do, renting space for their writers in larger booksellers. The Southern Pen also have author spotlights, focusing on a different writer a month. They have signings, and even a writer’s conference. I have not been to the bookstore, but since I have a brother that lives in Georgia, I think I will be paying a visit soon. I’m providing a link to their website so you can have a look and decide if this might be something, you’re interested in. I know I am.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Guest Blogger: Paula Millhouse

Most of you know that I've been a indie author since 1999, that I make guest appearances all over the Midwest, and that I have been publishing science fiction/new pulp adventures with some degree of success. But what some of you might not have known is there is another Millhouse who is an author in her own right, in the realm of Fantasy Romance. I'm happy to call Paula Millhouse my sister-in-law. Over the last several years she has made her mark, writing several well-received novels and short stories.


I'm happy she's guest blogging this week here on giving us some insight on her self and her writing process... Take it away Paula...

Hi everyone, and thanks for inviting me to join the blog at StormGate Press, Charles!

I think what you’re doing for the writing community by interviewing writers on your site is awesome.

I’m Paula Millhouse (and yes, Charles and I are related – I married his big brother Carl). It’s been fun to discover we both have a penchant for writing. Makes for some great conversation at family reunions.

I’ll be talking about my work in this post. My tag-line is Writing stories where fantasy, romance, and suspense collide. I know, I know, everyone says “pick a lane” or “write in one genre”, but that doesn’t work for me. And the great thing about being an Indie, or a cross-breed, is I don’t have to. I’m both published with traditional publishers, and self-published. I like having options.

I started writing when I was thirteen. My writing buddies and I used to exchange folders with our stories at class change, and guess what I did while class was going on – yep, I read their updates and left glowing critiques. (That might explain those bad grades in Algebra…)

My first series, THE KINGDOM OF CHALVAREN ROMANCES, was picked up by a small press in 2013. I love dragons. Don’t you?

It’s a two-book series starting with DRAGONSTONE, which leads to CHALVAREN RISING. The have the best elements of fantasy, and romance woven together. Dragons, elves, and an alternate universe? Add in a hot romance between the main characters and what could be better? Fun fact: Charles helped me name the kingdom.

Then I wrote SAVANNAH GIRL’S THREE WISHES, a stand-alone fantasy romance set in my hometown at Saint Patrick’s Day – our national holiday. This book comes equipped with a Leprechaun hero, fairy royalty, and a heroine who owns an Irish bar down on River Street.

Then I wrote MARMALADE’S FIRST CHRISTMAS. It’s my one contemporary work featuring a hero who rescues a kitten, a heroine who’s a veterinarian, and everything I love most about Christmas.

I ventured out into a paranormal romance series when I wrote The Hunters’ Watch Brigade Series. Both INITITATION and THE GAME were sold by my agent to a traditional publisher. That was a wonderful experience because I got to see inside what happens to a manuscript when it sells. I received an advance and had the opportunity to work with a thirty-year veteran editor, which was an incredible experience.

It’s funny with categories. All along my writing journey I’ve been

studying story structure, and while I wrote that series based on the romance story structure, it sold as an Urban Fantasy series. Well, it does have a modern day setting in New York City, fantasy creatures (demi-gods, vampires, shifters, witches and wizards, oh, and did I mention my heroine is the daughter of Poseidon?).

INITIATION was nominated in January for their Reviewer’s Choice Award of 2018 by the Paranormal Romance Guild. Now that was pretty exciting! I hope the book wins its category, but man, was it an honor to be nominated.

Now I’m rapid releasing my three-book Savage Justice Romantic Suspense Series.

When I attended the 20Booksto50K Indie writer’s conference in Vegas last November, they inspired me. I learned SO much about marketing, and publishing. So, I made a decision. I’m putting them out myself, with confidence, into the hands of readers where they belong.

Blind dates don’t always end well.

Sometimes they end in murder.

When Evie Longfellow accepts the blind date from hell everything sane about her life changes. Singled out and kidnapped by a mafia kingpin, she escapes only to run a mysterious stranger off the road. But she’s not safe yet—her stalker’s determined to take Evie as his sixteenth victim.

Former FBI hostage negotiator Nick Franklin is still connected enough to his law enforcement colleagues to help Evie deal with her serial killer. When she runs him off the road, the last thing Nick wants is another case to deal with, but there’s something about her that turns him into full-on protector. And the closer they get, the hotter the sparks between them ignite.

With their worst enemy closing in on their small-town hideaway, their greatest fears about savage justice may be realized. Nick must pull out all the stops to help them capture one of the FBI’s most wanted and stop Evie from becoming the girl who got away.

Book II: THE COPYCAT KILLERS – Releases February 7th, 2019

Book III: MANHATTAN AFTER DARK – Releases February 18th

Why write action-filled page-turning romance, you ask? I’m a sucker for happy endings, books where justice wins the day, and great storytelling.

Thank you for reading my post. If you do pick up a few of my titles, I hope you enjoy them.
You can find all my books over at my Amazon page.

Follow me there to get notices about my new releases.

Happy reading!

Paula Millhouse

About the Author
Paula Millhouse writes stories for her fans where love is worth fighting for, justice does exist, and happy ever afters are expected.

What’s in it for you?

A reward. Treat yourself to a diversion from your daily routine when you buy and read her stories.

Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, where Spanish moss whispers tales in breezes from the Atlantic Ocean, as a child she was inspired by the sunshine and heritage of cobblestones, pirate lore, and rich historical traditions steeped with savory mysteries of the south.

She lives in the mountains now with her husband, but honors her Southern heritage as a storyteller by sharing her fiction with readers.

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